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    Mari's Charries GW259H381

    Name: Yao'Mylak
    Nickname: Yao
    Title: Hell Hound Caretaker

    Age: (Appearance) 26 (Actual) 289
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

    Birthplace: Hell
    Date of Birth: Unknown (There are no dates in Hell)
    Species: Demon

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 146

    Occupation: By his Title, his occupation is to allow the Hell Hounds release from Hell to hunt. He's also called the Hound Guard because of that. He is sent to track down and kill those who have avoided death, much the same occupation as the Hounds themselves.

    Appearance: Everything he wears, except for the boots and gloves, was made by him. Due to an extreme burn that is over his right eye and deformed the skin where it can't open he wears a beautifully crafted white mask with red scrawling going from each slanted eye hole. A long black hooded cloak with gold embroidery is worn over black leather pants and a thin black t-shirt. His boots give him an extra inch in height and his leather gloves are usually on unless he's sewing. His only usable purple eye shines brightly from behind the mask and his long wavy blonde locks flows out from beneath the hood just past his shoulders.

    History: Yao was once a lower demon that minded the pits of Hell. It was on one of his rounds that some of the Damned Souls grabbed hold of him and demanded a way out. Being of a lower rank and much younger than others on this certain job all he could do was shove them off. Which didn't work as there were at least fifty to seventy souls per pit. One of the damned children smeared lava into his right eye- causing the damage that he allows no one to see today. The next rotation came, along with a higher up inspectioner who found all of them. Well, found what was left of tattered souls thrown into the pit and a happy over eccentric demon jovially laughing at them. Two rotations later there was notice that a higher up had not come back from the check on the pits and a giant crew filled with six higher ups were sent. They came back with Yao now a giggling mass of rags and burns. He was given the job of the former higher up he had killed- believing they can keep an eye on a Demon that held such power as his and wasn't in the right of mind.

    Personality: He has a sickeningly happy voice that makes many beings cringe, whether in fear or disgust depended on the being entirely. He likes sewing and making new outfits whether for himself or for some lower demon who paid him. Adores the Hell Hounds and refers to them as 'The Cute Corrupted Puppies of Hell' or some other strange title he bestows upon them.

    Type of Fighter: Up close and personal. He doesn't understand someone else’s personal space at all.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: If the Hounds are aloud he'd use them. He uses a thick metallic string that is connected to an enormous diamond needle, like a whip.

    Velk (Male) Light Dragon Dragon
    Age: 126
    Human Age: 15

    Bio: Was born a dark gray like most males but lightened out to a glorious bright white like the females of his species. He sticks to the northern wooded areas that are farther away from other dragons. Can easily maneuver through snow and lithe enough to lie in between two closely knitted trees or even under roots of the bigger trees. His leathery wings are his main problem as he isn't one for flying and so he is rather clumsy in the sky unless he catches a current. Bone like armor is on the under part of the neck, front of the hind legs, and the back of the forelegs, grows on the horns just above the eyes. Glassy green eyes that seem to glow, slit down the middle sometimes shows as blue instead of black. He has a long tail that can easily trip up pray. Doesn't fly unless he thinks it's truly necessary, sticks close to the snowy ground. He usues his human form for healing purposes as he healing is easier because the human body is smaller. Being a Frost Dragon he can only live up to 300 to maybe 1,000 years as they are a rare kind, being born from water dragons.

    Personality: To the point, never really skirts around a subject. Doesn’t really put himself out there like others for mates. Has a grudge against most females unless he really can trust them as it was his mother whom kicked him out for being smaller and thus weaker than the others. Doesn't socialize much since he lives away as a sort of outcast from his kin and others.

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