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    Post by Lamia on Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:38 am

    Name: Lamia Elizabeth Silver
    Nickname: La-la, Mia, Izzy ( Nicknames only used by her very few friends), or Silver (usually by the enemy), Fiend (widely use. And her assassin name)
    Title: the Fiend, Lamia, or Silver

    Age: (Appearance) (Actual) Appears in her in early twenties, but usually states she in her mid-thirties. Her actually age is around 4573, give or take a decade or two.
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation:Straight, but wants no attention.
    Birthplace: Egypt
    Date of Birth: Mid-summer of roughly 2582 B.C.
    Species: Cheetah Shapeshifter

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 157LBs

    Occupation: Mercenary(Former)/Bar Owner(Now)/Seer-to be able to see the future, but can only see one thing at a time.

    Appearance: She is petite but intimidating with her hard, emotionless, brown eyes. She has a dark creamy complexion that goes with her raven hair that goes down to her upper thighs when unbound from its usual braid form. She is curvy, with medium size breast, flat stomach, thin waist and slightly wide hips. She has enough muscle to make her look appetizing. The look which she used a lot, depending who it is, when she worked as a mercenary trying to finish her contract. You will see her often in black and leather, but you will never see her back due to a huge cross scar that goes down the length of her spine and front and shoulder to shoulder.

    History: It has been said that at the time of the pharaohs, so was going to become a priestess for the God Anubis, to carry out her father place, but was unable to do it due to an attack at her home. The attack left her homeless, and hungry. She wandered getting guided by her faith. She was attacked by a band of free-lancing soldiers, and was brutally raped and scarred. She found out that her soul mate that was one that raped her. She decided to get back at the Moirae (the Fates) from giving her such mate. She tricked, bargained, and fooled the Greek Gods, for their blood. She later injected the ichors into her blood stream and earned their powers. Not even a day later she was brought to the council of Chthonians, unwillingly. She found out that she was going to be stripped of her powers, or otherwise sealed inside her, for the time being, since you can't take a power back unless want to destroy the world. She, there found out she was pregnant, they wanted to strip the child of the powers too, but Lamia pleaded. She was willing to give her birthright powers and her sight up in order for her child to keep her powers, all of them. She than was stripped of her powers, to a power of a blind human. She was left to wander the desert where conceived a child, a daughter, which she kept under her eye constantly.

    As she wandered, bumping into a figure, she feared the stranger with a strong unearthly aura. He took her in and taught her how to fight and handle weapons. She was his greatest pupil, but she knew he was anything but human, shapeshifter, or any species she encountered before, he seemed god-like, who she later found out was the God Anubis. She left him carrying her small child and wandered the lands that she could go to, and watched her daughter grow and become just as beautiful as her. Her daughter split off to wander by herself, leaving her mother in boredom. She always had a fascination with death and hated criminals, she so became a mercenary and collected bounties on criminals. She slowly made a name for herself, and went by a meaning of her name, the Fiend. After many years, she grew bored of killing and opened her own bar, with the help her daughter and a few friends.

    Personality: She is harsh and cruel with her words. She doesn't relate to people well, often act aloof until they annoy her, then she causes bodily harm. She is often calm in dire situation, she can be relied on when in time of fight. She is major protective where her daughter is concerned and can be extremely ruthless because of the fact. She get fluster when someone constantly flirts with her when she has told them that she will kill them if they continue to do so. She no longer fears men, because she seen different men act different from others. She will respect everyone until they show disrespect, or they get very annoying. She more bark than bite, but her bite is a lot worst then her bark states.

    Legal or Illegal(and why?): Lamia-Legal, the Fiend-Illegal

    Power and/or Weapon(s) of Choice: Foresight, She can handle most weapons with her style of fighting. She prefers: Sais, axes, and a long stick (or spear). (Only weapons on her) She carries throwing knives (two in each boot) on the outer part of her legs in her boots, and uses the inner of her legs in her boots to house miniature Sais.

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