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    Post by Leafelora on Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:44 pm

    Name: Tamyrikki
    Nickname: Tamyr
    Title: Dragon Lord Tamyrikki

    Age: 170
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Undetermined

    Birthplace: Skiridian Castle
    Date of Birth: Midsummer
    Species: Dragon

    Height: 30"6' (not counting tail)
    Tail: 7"0'
    Width: 5"4'
    Weight: 1687

    Occupation: Kingdom Advisor and Symbol of Skiridia

    Appearance: A thin, graceful dragon with hard black scales and glowing golden eyes with slitted pupils, like a cat's. Dark as the night sky, there isn't a light scale on his body, which is a tactical advantage in the long nights of war, when he can mount single-handed attacks on enemy camps. His claws and the spikes down his spine are black, as well as his horns and facial spikes. Slender and undersized for a male dragon of his age, but by no means small to the humans he chooses to live with. His wings are long and possibly the most impressive part of him, as it seems they have grown to a normal size while his body remained small.

    History: Stolen from his borth nest by a petty thief after the knights of the newly-formed Skirilia had driven his mother away fromt heir lands, he was sold illegally to an unauthorized dragon-tamer. When the egg failed to hatch for two years, the man discarded it, and it was picked up by the king's brother, who gave it to the king's youngest son, Prince Colyre, as a gift. They all thought his egg to be a dud, so the child was shocked when he awoke one morning to find a baby dragon perched on his chest, begging pathetically for food. He was raised in secrecy for the better part of a year, but he was found out by one of the boy's tutors. Surprisingly, the dragon-loving country of Skirilia saw this as a good omen, and the young boy won his father's favor from his eldest brother and became the heir to the throne, the dragon, named Tamyrikki, by his side. Since then, the dragon has given advice to the king, fought in wars, and been the centerpiece in many celebrations. They say that it was he who made the young country whole, and dragons became more revered. His most important duty came after the death of his friend, the king, he had to choose the heir to the throne, as they say he chose Colyre. He has been both friend and advisor to King Lyredown, Queen Rozile, King Emter, King Rolius, Queen Lyrea, and King Kormek, although none of them could have hoped to be what King Colyre was to him. He is the icon of Skiridia, and a source of fear for other countries. Other dragons think he's just a coddled young pipling, and while they scorn him for being arrogant and living with humans, he scorns them for not seeing how much humans were truly worth.

    Personality: Patient and wise in the matters of human politics and society. Although he is ancient and knowledgable by human standards, he is still young and naive by a dragon's reckoning. He has seen his fair share of wars, but he doesn't start unnecessary battles. A bit short-tempered, he is used to getting his way every time he snaps his jaws. He adores ceremonies and celbrations, and he has made a point over the years to add celebrations and ceremonies wherever he sees the chance. Sometimes he seems to forget that he is not human. Curious, naive, and somewhat childish, he has always served as the best friend and advisor to the Skiridian kings and queens. He is usually a good judge of character, after decades of watching human behavior, and is quite observant, despite his sometimes obnoxiously childish personality. Many people, commoners and nobles alike, come to ask him for advice.

    Legal or Illegal(and why?): Legal

    Power and/or Weapon(s) of Choice: He can breathe fire, like all dragons, and he is a skilled flyer, even amongst dragons. He almost seems to be able to catch glimpses of the future from time to time, especially when it involves the next king or queen of Skiridia.

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