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    Post by Krazed on Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:23 pm

    Mari's Modern Charries Chi
    Name: Makoto Mizumachi
    Nickname: Mizu-Sensei

    Age: 21
    Sexual Orientation: Straight(Maybe?)

    Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
    Date of Birth: March 19 XXXX
    Ethnicity: Japanese American

    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 141

    Occupation: Teacher at a high maintenance school and a doting older brother.

    Appearance: Blonde hair which shows his american origin but also the japanese slanted eyes. His blue eyes though are usually on his little brother at all times. What he wears is either random assortments he can get ahold of or what his brother lays out for him.

    History: Their parents died while Makoto was in college so the rest of his life was dedicated to his beautiful little brother. He constantly doted on him and treated him like the princess of everything and everyone. His life was filled with hectic turmoil as he had to move from an appartment to a decent size house for the both of them. Everyting Makoto did from then on was anything that involved his litte brothers health and wellfare. His nature is neutral and yet forgetful as he is seen as cool among his students but around tose who really know him he's a constant storm of emotions and hectic changing. His little brother is usually the one pestering him over his work and what he needed to get done which gives his little brother responsibility but gives himself none at all.

    Personality: A doting older brother with a little brother complex. He's a neutral if not all around cool looking guy in public or school areas away from his brother. But in realiy he's so conflicting and showing his brotherly love that it can be suffocating. He treats all as threats to his brother, or his brother's 'need to be protected' virginity.

    Mari's Modern Charries Lovelyguyishguy

    Name: Taylor Mizumachi
    Nickname(s):Tay, Taylor

    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Birthplace: Rellow, Florida
    Date of Birth: April 26
    Ethnicity: Japanese American

    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 127

    Occupation: Student and little brother to a crazy older brother.

    Appearance: He has long blonde hair and beautiful slanted blue eyes. His skin is fair and looks like he's in the best of health. To him, and only him, he looks as any man should but to others he looks like a pretty girl. His long blonde hair entices men and his skinny a$$ being assentuated by the long hair barely reaching it makes alot of people want to stand and look as he walks by. He wears rather feminine clothing that makes people the majority of the time, unless their gay/lesbian, mistake his gender.

    History: He moved in with his older brother who he hasn't seen in years. Both their parents died causeing them to band together. His older brother loves him a bit too much for Taylor's liking which causes him to take care of his older brother most of the time. He's like a housewife any man wants and yet hasn't dared look to him to find one. He does basically everything in his power to keep his older brother on track, keep himself in good schools, and try to make friends. And maybe when his brother stops being a loonie he'll be able to date. Many times through his short years he wonders if he'll slowly go as insane as his brother on one of his 'don't give it up' speeches.

    Personality: Bright and cheerful. He's got a good sense of humor but no sense of directions. He gets lost easily, much like his brother, but has a knack at having people help him. When he does geta temper he's a force to be reckoned with. His anger is mainly towards his brother at times due to his annoying 'show brother love' things.

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