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    Mari's Animal Charries Empty Mari's Animal Charries

    Post by Krazed on Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:35 pm

    Mari's Animal Charries Wolf
    Name: Kai
    Nickname: None
    Pack Placing: Alpha

    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Vowed never to Mate
    Birthplace: The woods of the northern birthing grounds
    Date of Birth: The winter of the red star
    Species: A cross between a Snow Wolf and a Black Mountain Wolf

    Expert Area(?): Being a lone Alpha without a pack. His strength and wit.

    Appearance: He’s a humongous white wolf with sharply pointed ears that have block on the sides like a lining to his ears. Each and every tip of his white fur is black making him look vicious when bristled. He has inverted golden eyes which scares off humans and other wolves alike without him meaning to.

    History: He was the leader’s son of the Hitsufleck clan. He was almost as large as his father as a mere PUP! The clan grew wary of him and even his mother, who was a snow wolf taken in by the clan, couldn't bear to look at him. His father was a black mountain wolf and a stubborn one at that. His father wouldn't let anyone throw him out or go against his son; to which Kai was very grateful. One day another clan challenged his father’s clan. But when they were all supposed to help and stand with his father in the brutal fight, they all stood back watching the wolves tear apart their leader, even his mother stood back and watched. Kai was struck down by four wolves making him useless to help his father. He ran from the pack and kept to himself away from other packs. After his father was killed he found out his mother was the new leaders mate, she betrayed his father for another male. Kai didn't trust females from then on. He even vowed never to mate or risk having a vile creature as a mate like his mother.

    Personality: He has dominating issues, will protect those others may consider weak or thrown out of a clan in a split second, and if that wolf (or human) gets attacked he will kill the attacker without a second thought. He has great strength and knows how to use it to his advantage. He likes helping those who've been cast out but has little patience towards females. He greatly dislikes those who cast ones out for pointless reasons and those who attack others for game rather than purpose. Although he is strong and bigger than any wolf that preceded him, his balance isn't so good. A wolf could easily take advantage of him by getting at his legs.

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