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    Phantom's Character. Empty Phantom's Character.

    Post by PhantomWriter on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:01 pm

    Name: Dahdtoudi (for those of you who don't know what that means, it is Yautja for "Little Knife")

    Race: Yautja

    Age: 450 (or in the middle of her 20's)

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight.

    BirthPlace: Yautja Homeworld.

    Languages: Varies.

    Height: 6'5" (I'm going off the assumation that male Yautja are at least 6 feet or taller and that a typical Yautja female are 7 to 8 feet tall)

    Weight: 250 lbs

    Rank: recently Blooded


    Dahdtoudi has lived the typical Yautja life. She was born on the Yautja homeworld, where she grew up with her mother and other siblings, learning the ways to fight and of honor in raising and bearing pups. But Dahdtoudi had no desire for that, instead wanting to go out and Hunt, like the rest of the males. Her mother did not seem to completely understand this, being that she had lived on the Yautja homeworld all her life, but another female Elder did and took Dahdtoudi under her tutelage. She learned many things that her mother had not taught her such as the rules for Hunting prey and which prey was considered honorable to kill.

    Finally, after many years of training, the Elder took Dahdtoudi to go on her first Hunt. Unlike males, Yautja females have another way to be blooded- either through a baptism by a Paya priest or a smaller version of a Kainde Amdha Chiva- the latter which is what Dahdtoudi did.

    Two xenomorph eggs were sent to a small planet but both teacher and student had not realized one was a queen egg. They only realized this fact when, after killing what they thought were the only two Kainde Amedha and Dahdtoudi was blooded, they were on their way back to the ship when more xenomorph's had attacked them- leaving Dahdtoudi's teacher horribly wounded and Dahdoudti herself was left with a scar across her eye. After they realized what was going on, they both hunted down the hive and set a bomb that would detonate once they pushed a button on their ship. Together they hurried back to the ship and saw that thankfully, it had not yet been found since it was cloaked. Unfortunately when they deactivated the cloaking device more xenomorph's attacked. They both were able to defeat them, get on the ship, and destroy the planet, but in the end Dahdtoudi's teacher, suffering from her wounds, died.

    It hurt Dahdtoudi to watch her teacher die but at the same time she knew her teacher had died honorable and would not want her to mourn her death. So Dahdtoudi continued on, first going back to the homeworld and telling the other Elders about what had occurred before deciding to continue to Hunt. Though feeling that she was ready, the Elders sent her to Centuria where another Hunt was about to occur to see how well she could hunt with others.

    To oversee her, the Elders sent Yeyin, an experienced Hunter, with her and they became very close. Once their mission was over, she then set out into the universe and was able to get a fairly large collection of skulls. During the years she also ended up getting pregnant and has a daughter Nitgeria, whom she named after her former teacher. Dahdtoudi now is teaching her daughter the ways of the Hunt.

    Appearance (eye color, etc.):

    Dahdtoudi is smaller than your average female- hence her name- and has yellow-reddish skin with black spots on her arms and legs. She has yellow eyes and, of course, the scar running across her right eye. She is lean but muscular for she is a huntress but don't let her appearance fool you. She's fast, in intellect and speed, which makes up well for her lack of strength.

    Favorite Weapon(s):

    Combi-stick and Shuriken


    She's a relentless soul who is eager to prove herself among her fellow hunters. She's ambitious and, like a proper hunteress, she waits for the right moment to strick when an oppurtunity comes along. When she was younger she was naive toward the males of her race because she has been with her teacher, who is also female, for most of her life, so anything that a male does typically confuses her or offends her- depending on the situation. Now she understands them a bit more. Her favorite past time is training and hunting; other than that she doesn't exactly do anything else. She doesn't really miss her mother or sisters because they seemed not to understand her but as a child the family had what humans call a 'dog' (you know like the hunting dog from Predators except that it didn't hunt) that Dahdtoudi absolutely adored. At times- if you find her or an animal like together- you can see she has a tender side (but mostly she tries to hide it). You can also see her tender side when she is with her daughter and will do anything to protect her from harm.

    NOTE: I made this character from another Yautja rp site and just basically copied and pasted though I did add a few things that are not on her original profile.

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