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    Alpha: The Shrieking She-Witch


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    Alpha: The Shrieking She-Witch Empty Alpha: The Shrieking She-Witch

    Post by Alpha on Fri May 03, 2013 9:06 pm

    Name: Alpha
    Title: The Shrieking She-Witch

    Age: Appearance-- 17 by this world, 32 by hers. Actual-- ????
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (Taken)

    Birthplace: Omnes (World of an alternate Realm)
    Date of Birth: ??/??/??
    Species: Genetically similar to humans.

    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 112 lb

    Occupation: None

    Appearance:Alpha: The Shrieking She-Witch Cool_swordswoman_Wallpaper_mbsgl

    History: In her world of Omnes, she was a psychopathic killer known for her terror as 'The Shrieking She-Witch'. Through undisclosed means she obtained a power known as 'Scent' and used it to further her terror. As others began learning the craft of Scent, they managed to overcome her and kill her. Through the power of Scent: Alpha placed her soul within her sword before she died, which allowed her to live on within the now special weapon. Centuries past while she could do nothing but watch the world go on and other people use her as a means of 'justice'. One day, a man named Heiren Lian took up her sword and through a power even he was not aware he had, absorbed Alpha's soul into his mind. Now, Alpha takes control of Heiren's body, transforming it into her original appearance. Through this means, she is even able to use a second version of the weapon she crafted with her soul known as Tacita Lamina (Now refereed to as Tacita Lamina Beta) and continue on with her terrifying acts here.

    Legal/Illegal: Illegal


    Scent: A person’s Scent is the basis for all their powers and abilities. No two Scents are exactly alike and will have different effects dependant on the user’s personality. The powers gained with a Scent are usually very simple and react to certain kinds of materials based on the color and properties of the Scent. Although the powers of a Scent is completely dependant on the individual and is birthed from them, true mastery is actually very difficult, and requires a person to have achieved true enlightenment and understand the true essence of their own very being. Even given a lifetime, few people can manage such mastery. And although this power is inherent to Omnes, any sentient being is capable of learning Scent, but the difference in each organisms' physiology will change the method through which they must learn it, and unlike those from Omnes, do not know the powers of their Scent immediately, and have to learn what they are through trial and error...

    Crimson Scent: Alpha's Scent takes a crimson colored haze over her body.

    ...The powers a Scent has, though differing from person to person, can be broken down into two categories: 'Self-Impact' and 'Item Compatibility'

    Self-Impact: As the name implies, this effect of a Scent is one that in some way effects the user's body directly. The effect given is usually seen to be a defensive mechanism meant to help the user defend his/herself from harm by acting as a shield in some way. But it is not impossible for the effect to be augmentative or offensive.

    Item Compatibility: As the name implies, this effect of the Scent is one that has an effect on things other than yourself. The items one's Scent will be compatible with will be things that the user believes represents the same qualities that they do; in other words, the same qualities of their personality that created their Scent in the beginning. In addition, it is completely possible for one to have compatibility with several items, but the level of compatibility for each item has a different resonance strength with the user's Scent, and each item will exhibit a slightly different effect from each other and the user's Self-Impact ability.

    Alpha's Item Compatibility is with (wouldn't you know it) blood. Unlike most I.C.'s Alpha's Compatibility with blood has multiple effects depending on how its used, some of which also qualify as Self-Impacts.
    1:Bloody Analysis: The ability of her Crimson Scent that allows her to gain information about her opponents powers by infusing her Crimson Scent with her enemies blood and ingesting it.
    2:Crimson Heal: A special ability of Alpha’s Crimson Scent that allows her to use her blood infused with her Scent and heal injuries. In order to heal her own injuries though, she must infuse her Scent with another’s blood, and to heal others wounds, must be hers. However, since she has no compassion for others, never makes use of it for others.
    3:Blood Stalking: This ability is one that allows Alpha to become faster if she ingests her own blood infused with her Crimson Scent. Doing so accents her already incredibly fast and agile body so that after a certain amount of doing this, she would be able to run faster than light, although she believes getting to this speed may require her to ingest too much blood at one time that would cause her to die.


    Relic: A Relic is a weapon that can only be made by a person who has mastered their Scent and when they are on the brink of death. By placing their soul inside a weapon, the weapon then gains special powers and the person lives on within the weapon. However, this is more of a curse those who have done so come to realize, because they have absolutely no control yet are conscious of everything happening around them, including what whoever comes to wield them does with their power, even if it is something they do not like.

    Tacita Lamina Beta: Tacita Lamina is the Relic she made by putting her soul into her sword. Now controlling Heiren's body, she has the ability to use a second version of the sword where she can decide whether or not its ability is active.
    The ability Tacita Lamina exhibits when active is that it becomes a blade that does not do physical damage. Instead, it passes through all physical objects like a ghost and attacks the sense of pain directly. Because of this, if the sword cuts through a person's shoulder completely where it would have been severed, their brain registers that it has, and the arm becomes limp and immovable. Eventually, the brain will realize the arm is still attached and allow for control of it again, but until it does the limb is useless. Even if the person is stabbed through the heart with this active ability, they won't die, but rather, their body will stop functioning for a while until the body realizes it has been trick, and they wake up again. This skill makes it a great tool for interrogations, making it possible to literally put the body through more pain than is physically sustainable by people until they forfeit whatever information Alpha wants for the sweet release of death.

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