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    Post by Leafelora on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:14 pm

    Aherm.... well, I'll be posting my ideas for countries in the Fantasy portion of the site. If you don't use them, Krazed, I'm totally going to:
    A) Cry myself to sleep
    B) Use them for something else.

    I've put a lot of work into each and every country, so don't hurt my feelings, or next time I'm in an elevator with you, I'm going to set off a grenade.

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    Post by Leafelora on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:22 pm

    Country: Skiridia
    People: Skiridians or Skirs
    Main Species: Humans
    Coexisting Species: Dragons
    Languages: English, Dragon

    Government: A monarchy, of sorts. They have a king, a queen, and an advisor, a dragon advisor. The dragon picks the next king or queen, typically from the previous ruler’s children or from the royal family. If there is no one the dragon feels should rule in those categories, the dragon will go out and find one it feels is worthy out of all the people in Skiridia. That doesn’t happen often, however. The king or queen he chooses has most of the power, but the person the chosen one marries doesn’t carry the same amount of power. The dragon has the ability to “decrown” a king or queen if they become corrupt. Other than those three figures, each town or city has its own mayor, and some places even have their own advisory dragons, but none as good as the ruler’s advisor. Most of the dragons in the kingdom choose to stay out of human politics, but the kingdom is quick enough to act when a dragon states that it is not pleased with something.

    Culture: The people are very loyal and honorable. They are not afraid to die in battle, and they absolutely love celebrations. They are quite fond of dragons and mountains, and you will see a lot of those two things in their paintings and other works of art. That said, art is not their strong point, although they do have a few artists of great skill within the country. They focus on hard work and keeping other countries from trying to overrun them. Men and women are seen as equals, however, it is an accepted fact that there are some things one sex can do, but not the other, and there are a few stereotypical jobs, like women as healers and men as warriors. However, there are male healers, and there are also divisions of female warriors, so that is fast changing with each passing generation. As a people, they are rather rowdy, and fistfights are commonplace, although it is seldom that someone is seriously injured. It is generally accepted that fighting solves more problems than words, and even minor disagreements are settled with a quick scuffle.

    Average Look: The Skiridian people typically have blue or green eyes, although there is a region in the south where hazel eyes are common. Hair colors vary from white blond to fiery red, and every once in awhile light brown. Any hair color darker than brown is uncommon in Skiridia.

    Religion: They believe in a shapeless, nameless, almighty power, often depicted as a great dragon. They don’t see the point in worshipping, or “groveling”, as they put it, or singing the praises to the Almighty One. They see it as flattery, or “sucking up”. They have always been careful not to kill dragons, but now it is a serious offense, since the Dragon Lord began picking the rulers. They are on friendly terms with the younger dragons, but the older ones still remember when the Skiridians hunted them, like every other country in the world.

    Agriculture: In the southern parts of the country, they grow lots of wheat, corn, and cotton. That’s also where most of the horses used by the knights are bred. In one part, they raise bees for honey. The northern areas focus more on apples and potatoes. They also have a lot of sheep, since they need the wool for the cold winters.

    Architecture: Buildings are typically made of either stone or wood. Two-story houses are rare outside of cities, where it is normal for a person to have a shop on the lower floor and then living quarters on the upper floor. The Skiridians aren’t much for neatness, outside of the important buildings and the main street leading to them. The rest of the city is usually haphazardly arranged around it. The main cities have walls around the city, and the crops grow just outside with the farmers living close by. Only the capitol city has its city enclosed as well as a huge wall around the farmland. It’s a feat that took years to build, and one most cities are a bit leery at trying themselves. One thing that can be said for the architecture of the Skiridians is that once built, it takes massive force to bring it down.

    Stereotypes: They are seen as barbarians, since they fight over the smallest things.
    They are seen as sorcerers and dragon-lovers since the dragons don’t trouble them as they do in other countries, and they have a dragon pick their next leader.
    They all are overly fond of stories, war stories especially.
    They enjoy red meat.
    They can all cook.
    They are all seen as very tall with blue eyes.
    They always carry at least one weapon with them.
    They are all beautiful, and it is thought that a Skiridian woman could steal any man’s heart, and any Skiridian man could charm the birds out of the trees.

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    Post by Leafelora on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:23 pm

    Country: Mi’Tseen
    People: Tseen or Littles
    Main Species: Mitsii
    Coexisting Species: Twhirr, Wergs, Miskii, Bluaggs, Turtines, Cirrens
    Languages: English, Sung, Chitter, Ani

    Government: Each species in the country elects a council member, and together the council solves most of the Mi’Tseen’s problems. Cities and towns are managed by a group of three officials, known as the Tun’Meel, elected by the citizens of the town they live in. The Tseen believe that three is the number that prevents corruption, and tend to pick three officials of clashing natures, so they will always argue and never agree to work together to cheat the people out of money or make decisions without thinking them through first. Elections take place every three years, and, unless the elected official chooses not to, they can be reelected countless times.

    Culture: Magic is a part of their everyday life, and the Mi’Tseen have come up with some very interesting devices with their great knowledge and magical abilities. After generations without war, the Tseen have grown rather complacent and laid-back, the only sources of discussion typically being the next election or the most recent invention or discovery. They don’t have any interest in taking over other nation, which is an extremely good thing, given the fact that the Tseen have a ton of magical weapons at their disposal. They are extremely friendly and accepting of other cultures. Great art and inventions flow out of Mi’Tseen, but they have to be careful, or they will give the other countries something they are not ready for. A curious and often bored society, it is not uncommon for young Tseen to suddenly leave the country and see the world. They tend to be naïve and don’t usually expect things like betrayal or hostility, and often say profound things that nobody understands. Living long lives has given the Tseen the edge when it comes to technology and understanding the world around them. Parties are commonplace, since the Tseen believe in living life to the fullest every day.

    Average Look: The Mi’Tseen are all little animals. Even the biggest ones, such as the Werg, Blaugg, and the Turtine only come up to an average-sized human’s waist, although one would never know that of the Blaugg, who generally prefer to stay underwater. The Mitsii are cats, the Werg are dogs, the Twhirr are birds, the Miskii are rodents, the Bluaggs are fish or amphibians, the Turtines are turtles, and the Cirrens are little elemental people that control the weather as well as other aspects of nature.

    Religion: The Tseen believe in the seven element gods: the Earth God, the Fire God, the Water God, the Wind God, the Metal God, the Life God, and the Death God. They also believe in a figure called the Guardian, usually pictured as a large redwood tree, but also seen as a stag, a butterfly, or a mushroom. The Guardian is independent from the seven Great Ones, and is said to have once been a wily Tseen who cheated death. He is seen as a cunning, peaceable being who likes to play tricks on the wicked and help the honest and hard-working.

    Agriculture: They grow every plant imaginable in their gardens. All the soil in the country is extremely fertile, and an extra dose of magic makes the crops that much more successful. The magic crops combined with the size of Mi’Tseen’s inhabitants, which is considerably smaller than humans, make the country as healthy as can be. Their magic allows them to grow anything they want and anytime they want it. Because they are close to animals themselves, they do not keep herd animals for meat. Wergs, Mitsii, and certain types of Twhirr eat meat, but mainly small mice, or the zembarra’s, fat, fluffy animals that the Tseen often raise as pets. Apparently they are extremely delicious, and are also extremely rare outside of Mi’Tseen.

    Architecture: The homes of the Mi’Tseen are woven expertly into nature, often hidden to the human eye. The main way to tell a Tseen house from nature is to look for the little orange lanterns hanging outside, or the carefully tended gardens. You could also look for the windows and doors. Blaugg homes are typically underwater, although those Blaugg that can move about on land often have homes just beside a body of water. Twhirr homes are up in trees, although they do make paths for non-flying animals to get up. The main cities have roads made of simple stones and dirt, and the important buildings are carefully carved into old trees.

    Stereotypes: They are all adorable.
    They are unpredictable.
    They are powerful masters of magic, and they will help people who please them and punish those who don’t.
    They are all vegetarian.
    They are said to see the future, and will tell what they see for a price.

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    Post by Leafelora on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:25 pm

    Country: Alucitt
    People: Aluts or Birdmen
    Main Species: Aluets
    Coexisting: Humans, Wergs, Dragons
    Languages: Chitter, Sung, Dragon, English

    Government: The Aluet have to rulers, the High Roc and the Lady Roc. The two Rocs trust only their own family members with the job of maintaining the cities and towns outside of the capitol. The Rocs’ firstborn child is raised to rule, and any chicks hatched after that are simply replacements in case the first one dies, but the Rocs typically only have another chick if the first one is sickly or in times of war, when assassinations are common. The young Roc’s mate is chosen almost before he or she is born. The mate will come from another Aluet family as an egg, and the chick will have no memory of its parents. The Roc and his or her mate are raised to believe that they cannot trust anyone but their mate and their family.

    Culture: There are two cultural halves to the country, the southern half, or the Coastal South, and the northern half, also known as the Mountainous North. The south, perhaps affected by trade with other countries, is more wild and crazy, life there is always busy. The north is more stiff and proper, and it seems a lot quieter in comparison to the south, with fewer different species as well as no bustling port towns. The south enjoys many celebrations, some foreign, and they are accepting of all cultures and holidays, especially when they involve song and dance. Many Wergs and humans live in the south, and it isn’t unusual for a few dragons to visit from time to time. There is constantly music playing, day or night, rain or shine. The north is more refined, preferring skill and experience to spirit. They rely on practice where the south relies on intuition. Northerners are less accepting, but they respect the dragons, as they breathe fire, and they have nothing against the Werg, who are quite often faithful servants to the Roc family. Humans, on the other hand, they scorn. They can’t keep the Alucitt-born humans from the Coastal South, but they have no problems with pecking out the eyes of the humans who stray in from other countries without permission. Aluets do have magic, but they can’t really control it. It just seems to seep out of them and into the world around them, making their land healthier than it would have been had another race lived there.

    Average Look: All Aluets are birds. Don’t call them simply owls or whatever bird they resemble, they like to be called Owl-Aluets or Robin-Aluets or something like that. They use their talons and beaks in place of hands. Northerners are mostly shades of gray, brown, red, white, black, and sometimes blue. The north is where most of the meat-eating Aluets live, so cruelly hooked beaks and razor-sharp talons are common. Southerners are more brightly colored, with reds, blues, purples, yellows, oranges, and greens. These birds are mostly fruit-eaters, but there are some long-beaked Aluets that fish in the oceans and rivers in the south.

    Religion: They worship the Phoenix, the firebird of immense beauty and song. It is said that when it died and rose again from the ashes, the Aluets rose with it. They believe it will die again someday, and it will take the world with it, only to be reborn again, free of impurities. To honor the Phoenix, each town has a giant torch at its heart, kept burning by the member of the Rocs’ family in charge of that particular area. Each Aluet home also has a smaller torch burning at its heart. They Aluets’ form of prayer is song, they believe that the Phoenix will hear them if they sing. Each Aluet is said to be reborn three times before moving on to the next life, a life of never ending song and dance, celebrated with everyone they had ever met in their three lives. Wicked Aluets have a chance to redeem themselves in their other two lives, but if they don’t, they are said to be reduced to cinders by the Phoenix and then placed back on the planet as some other creature, leading the Aluets to believe that humans and other things are lesser beings seeking redemption.

    Agriculture: The south enjoys a variety of exotic fruits, as well as goods received from other countries. The orchards are not carefully placed, and are simply allowed to grow as they please. The warm climate, as well as a certain amount of the Aluets’ magic, gives the fruit bigger size and greater taste. The north is not known for its agriculture, but they do grow sunflowers and peanuts, as well as a few other kinds of nuts. They rely mostly on trade with the south and trade with the human countries north of them, to their chagrin. Although Aluets don’t generally eat meat, the Wergs tend to small herds of cattle and sheep, mainly for themselves, but they do trade with the meat-eating northerners.

    Architecture: The Aluets all love heights, which isn’t surprising, given what they are. Their homes are carefully-woven nest-houses placed high in the sturdiest trees they can find. Aluets work on their nests their whole lives, adding twigs and branches whenever they have spare time, and the largest nests will be generations old. Important buildings, such as the Rocs’ palace, are made of marble, but there are no doors leading into the palace, just windows high above that only flying creatures can get to. There are secret doors for emergencies, but those are closely guarded secrets. Aluet cities will block the forest floor from the sun, for even the streets are suspended. Aluet weaving is the best in the world; their streets can hold 1000 pound rocks in place for monuments, and maybe even more.

    Of the North: They are all stuffy and proper.
    They are not accepting of other cultures.
    They spend hours practicing their songs and dances.
    They are cruel and will torture trespassers with sharp beaks and talons.
    They are all paranoid.

    Of the South: They are wild and crazy, but also fun to be around.
    They party all the time.
    They are all colorful.

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