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    Post by Lamia on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:26 pm

    Lamia's Animal Characters Z9320015

    Nickname: Brat(Father), Lala(Friends)

    Pack Placing(Alpha,Omega,etc): Third-in-Command or Delta.

    Gender: Female.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.
    Birthplace: The Thunder Ridge Breeding Grounds.
    Date of Birth: The first full moon of Fall.
    Species: Timber Wolf

    Expert area?: Making things explode, she is actually good at making strageties.

    Appearance: A dark chocolate color brown, almost black from far away or when wet. Her golden eyes are very "I'm staring at your soul" kind of type. She also carries a huge scar which makes her look fiercer that most wolves, along with her abnormal large frame.

    History: Born into the ancient Thunder Crown Pack as a runt from the third litter of pups of the Alpha of the Thunder Crown, and the only one of the pups that was female and survive to adulthood. Being the last of the pups the burden of Alpha of the pack fell to her shoulders, since the pack didn't rank due to strength but of birth. She would have to be force to be come alpha when she would reach prime age of mating, to keep the line running.

    Her wish of being able to escape from her fate of Alpha, came true when a group of hunters slaughtered and separated her pack. When told to run away from being threaten to be killed, she ran like there was no tomorrow, escaping death and her fate. She came across a pack near the desert, and was brought into the pack as a refugee, and was allowed to stay. She rose in rank quickly until she came to second-in-comand, the Alpha didn't like that an outsider such as herself could do such thing and felt threaten that she would take his place. He banished her without telling her a reason.

    After being banished she wandered the wilderness, and came across a male wolf and grew close to him (No matter how many times she tried to leave, they always found each other again). Not paying attention to her surrounding as she traveled with Vaugn, she accidently broke her banishment codes, and was caught. She was punished with a life-threatening wound that she managed to heal from some how with the help of male wolf. She was left with a huge scar on her chest as a reminder of her mistake. She countinue to travel with male wolf and join with him to a pack of outsiders.

    Personality: She seems to be energetic and perks up at the smell, sight, or sound of explosives. Theses traits are starting to stick on her real personality. A ruthless killer and has sociopath tendencies. She actually can be rather mother-like to little pups but only pups.

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